The Best CRM for Financial Advisors

The Best CRM for Financial Advisors

It is no secret that strong client relationships form the foundation of a thriving business. Building and maintaining great relationships should be a priority for any advisor who’s looking to grow their business.

One of the key ways you can do this is by investing in a good customer relationship management system (CRM).

A good CRM will help you stay ahead of the game by doing the following:

  • Sell More to Your Existing Customers
  • Generate More Leads
  • Improve Your Customer Service
  • Nurture Your Prospects
  • Streamline Business Processes

The basic key features you should be looking for in a CRM should include

Centralized Client Info: Capture important client demographic and financial information in one place

Workflow Automation: Manage workflow to ensure tasks are communicated and completed

Reporting for You and Your Clients: Create helpful internal reports and provide attractive reports to your clients

Customized Search: Basic and advanced search functionality, along with customized search criteria

Key Integrations: To connect with other tools in your workflow and create efficiencies.

Here are 5 of the most popular CRM platforms for financial advisors:



Redtail is one of the most popular CRMs for financial advisors. Their easy-to-use interface allows financial professionals to streamline their activities.

They also provide a wide selection of integrations including Advisor Websites, which enables users to personalize according to their preferences.

They also offer hands-on virtual training via Redtail University. Check their schedule here to see if the next class is near you.

Key features include:

  • Automated Workflows
  • Reporting
  • Tons of integrations
  • Calendar Integration that allows you to see everyone’s calendar at a glance
  • Detailed Note Taking Capabilities
  • View your sales funnel at a glance
  • Free Support

Pricing per user:

  • $99 USD/mo


Wealthbox is another easy to use CRM. As a Wealthbox user, you get access to advanced reporting, portfolio integrations, activity streams, and a mobile app.

It is one of the top 4 CRMs for financial advisors globally.

Key features:

  • Contact Management
  • Click to call directly from the CRM
  • Email integration to view emails between you and your clients at a glance
  • Customizable fields
  • Tagging capabilities
  • Advanced Search Capabilities

Pricing per user:

  • $35 USD/mo (30 day free trial)


Equisoft is the only CRM designed for financial advisors that aggregates client and product data from gateways with insurance and investment platforms—giving advisors a full view of all client data at a glance.

This CRM helps advisors with their marketing, sales, service, and compliance processes and it a good tool to save time!

Key features:

  • Centralization of your customer data
  • Automating the update of your data
  • Integrations
  • Professional-looking reports
  • Access to several marketing tools
  • Increase your degree of compliance

Pricing per user:

  • $91 USD/mo


Junxure is an award winning CRM that allows advisors to streamline their workflows and offers a rich user experience via data tracking.

Junxure's key features are reporting for both parties (clients and you) and easy correspondence tools. It is definitely one of the more heavy duty CRMs.

Key features:

  • Centralized Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting
  • Integrations

Pricing per user:

  • $65 USD/mo (billed annually)


Salesforce is a giant in the CRM industry and they service financial inudstry as well!

Their key offerings include personalized service that includes insights, outreach, and sales planning. You can get your salesforce CRM to do various things – you can even build your own apps!

At the end of the day, choosing a CRM depends on your needs and budgets. We suggest starting with a more basic tool, if you are just starting out.

Key features:

  • Account and Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management and Lead Scoring Score
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Data
  • File Sync
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Mobile App
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visual Workflow
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Duplicate Blocking
  • Mass Email
  • Email Templates
  • Contracts, Orders, Quotes, Products, and Price Books
  • Partner Communities
  • Any many more….

Pricing per user:

  • USD$25/mo