Learn to Love LinkedIn


On May 7th, we interviewed Rebecca Perrin, a Senior Communications Consultant, and private publisher for businesses. Rebecca has written for firms and executives at leading companies including: RBC, Scotiabank, Air Canada and Nike.

Rebecca has developed a course: Love Your LinkedIn, and she provided us with a free preview of the course.

We covered topics specified for advisors, including:

  • Why get LinkedIn?
  • What can the benefit be of a good LinkedIn presence?
  • How often do you need to be active?
  • What to post to benefit?
  • How to build a plan and execute on it.

Key Takeaways

LinkedIn is where people go to Trust you.

  • LinkedIn is not a resume, it’s where you brand yourself and establish trust.
  • You need to build a narrative with your page, from the header through to the work history you post.
  • You need to be active for people to want to hear from you.
  • Post once a week to LinkedIn. Pick one topic per month to post about. Post it on week 1, then for the next three weeks, post independent supporting articles to back up your point.
  • LinkedIn is easier to post to than a regular website, since it’s all formatted for you, so leverage it properly and watch your business grow.

About Rebecca Perrin

Rebecca is a communications consultant helping professionals become masterful in their career messaging and positioning for leadership.

She has 15+ years of experience as marketing communications professional, as a writer and editor for some of Canada’s leading publications, including National Post, Toronto Star, FLARE, Fashion Magazine, and CBC Life.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Media Studies, a Life Skills Coaching certificate from George Brown College, and a Career Brand Management certificate from The State University of New York.

See Rebecca’s Site Here