How I grew my Portfolio by 6X in less than a Year

How I grew my Portfolio by 6X in less than a Year

At CapIntel, we get to work with some phenomenal advisors. A lot of times advisors work behind the scenes to help their clients build their wealth.

We want to tell these stories.

We are launching a new series titled In Conversation With and the first advisor we are highlighting is Glory Gray.

Glory has been a CapIntel user since 2019 and is one of our power users.

She has been able to build a 3.4 million dollar portfolio since she started using CapIntel.

About Glory Gray:

Glory Gray is the owner of Glory Gray Wealth Solutions.

After working 25 years as an Investment Advisor and Analyst at large companies, she was growing disillusioned with how financial institutions seemed more interested in selling their products than providing personal, professional financial advice to their clients. So, she created Glory Gray Wealth Solutions, an independent, client-centered investment advising practice, serving clients throughout Canada who want their own personal advisor and not just another salesperson.

She calls herself the Personal Trainer for Financial Fitness™. That means, not only does she manage your investments to increase your personal wealth, but the majority of her time is spent coaching and advising you to make sure you stay on track to prepare for your future financial needs.

Glory moved from United States to Canada in 2011 and now serves the Canadian market as well and calls BC her home.

Ideal Client Profile

Single women who are either retired or trying to get their finances in order.

The age group ranges between 50 to 80 years of age.

Average portfolio size for her clients ranges between 250k to 300k

Size of Glory’s Portfolio

4 million

How often do you use CapIntel

I have baked CapIntel into my onboarding process and I use it with every onboarding!

Glory’s most used and favourite CapIntel features

Since most of my clients are retiring and bringing over a pension, I love the comparison analysis feature.

I am able to show my clients how their pension has been performing and here is how we are going to be investing in the future.

I also love the fact that you can show the difference between what they were experiencing as a group in a group pension situation and how they can experience it as an individual.

The second feature that I use heavily is the risk analysis.

I am able to show my clients that even though their portfolio might not make a ton of money when times are good, they are not going to be losing money when times are bad. That way my clients have a better idea about where and how their money is being invested.

Glory’s take on CapIntel

When I started using CapIntel in 2019, I was managing a portfolio of $600k and I am now managing a 4 million dollar portfolio. That is a 6 times increase in my business.

I like the ease of use of the software and highly recommend it. It not only saves me time but also helps me explain things more clearly to my clients, resulting in stronger client relationships.


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